Online slots continue getting more innovative in their quest to offer players thrilling gameplay and maximized winning potential. One such feature that has exploded in popularity recently is the bonus buy. But what in fact are bonus buys, and should savvy slot fans utilize them as part of their strategy?  A bonus buy refers to an optional feature where players instantly trigger a slot’s bonus game by paying a certain cost.

It lets slot fans skip right past the base game stage and dive straight into lucrative features like free spins, picking bonuses, or wheel spins that offer the biggest payouts. Bonus buys first originated in the online slots realm but have since migrated over to live casino games streamed in real-time. Their surging popularity comes from guaranteeing players access right away to a game’s most valuable extras for a transparent upfront price rather than relying solely on random luck.

How bonus does buy work?

When loading any โค้ด เครดิตฟรี ล่าสุด 2023 slot with a bonus buy feature, you’ll notice a separate meter showing the fixed cost needed to enter the bonus round. This cost generally ranges from 20x to 100x your bet size though certain mega jackpot slots can scale over 1,000x. Upon activating a bonus buy, your balance deducts the advertised cost while the reels seamlessly launch the bonus game just as if you had unlocked it through conventional scatter symbols. You then enjoy all the same perks like free spins, multipliers, extra wilds, etc. while retaining full winnings.

Pros of using bonus buys

Utilizing bonus buys brings several advantages:

  1. Guaranteed bonus access – Skip long dry spells stuck playing only the base game by instantly enjoying key slot extras whenever you desire.
  2. Strategic control – Bonus buys let you manually decide the best times to start bonus games rather than leaving things purely to chance.
  3. Faster gameplay – Impatient slot fans can jump right into all the action instead of waiting around hoping to trigger bonuses randomly.
  4. More bonus engagement –Bonus buys grant more exposure to lucrative bonus games over each long-term slot session.

Cons of bonus buys

However, bonus buys also come with some drawbacks:

  1. Upfront cost – You must wager extra money to activate buys, which cuts into potential profits.
  2. No guarantee of profit – Even after paying the buy-in cost, the ensuing bonus round may still result in a net loss.
  3. Less regular game exposure – Skipping straight to bonuses reduces your experience with the core slot features.

Should you use bonus buys?

Whether or not to utilize bonus buys depends greatly on your slot preferences and bankroll. Players on tighter budgets may want to avoid the extra costs given the high volatility and no profit guarantees. On the other hand, mid to high-rollers can leverage bonus buys to maximize time enjoying the most lucrative extras. Keeping bonus buy frequency low, like 5% of total spins or less, prevents excess costs while still juicing key opportunities. Another smart play is timing bonus buys only after hitting decent base game wins. This way you recycle funds right back into buy-ins rather than cutting too deeply into overall capital.

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