There is a popular poker saying that goes with the lines that, even if you are not a superstitious person, you become one when you sit at the poker table! From wearing the identical clothes to crossing their palms or feet whilst having a bet, each poker participant has one superstition.

Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous free poker games beliefs!

Same clothes

Many athletes wear similar shirts and T-shirts when they wear that outfit and send it to a big event. You go to the casinos and see them dressed in the same clothes every week!

Some players never wash their garments due to this! It’s very funny to think that poker players can also go to these lengths but, if it works for you, then who are you to stop wearing what you want!

The same food and drink

Just like wearing the same clothes is a common practice among poker players, eating a certain type of food or regularly drinking the same drink is what players often do.

Did you do it until the second day at the WSOP event for the first time after eating an unexpected breakfast at McDonald’s? After that it is resolved. He eats McD regularly before the big tournament.

Filling the Chips Somehow

While there are some levels and guidelines for putting chips in the competition, you are free to enter your chips in any way you want until they do not take someone else’s place! Some players take this freedom to create strange poles based on their belief or unfounded belief based on past success.

For example, some players like to insert chips by changing color patterns. Some prefer to set the chips regularly in certain locations at exactly the same distance between their upper and lower stacks. Although it is rare these days, this is a thing of the past!

Never count the Chips on the table

This started back in the day when Kenny Rogers released his song “The Gambler” in 1978, poker players have been holding on to the lyrics of this real song:

“You can’t count your money, When you sit at a table. ”

First and foremost, please don’t do this because knowing how many chips you have and what our competitors are is dangerous to the way you work.

Many well-known online poker players carry a charm of luck wherever they play. The most famous example of this is Johnny Chan, who won ten WSOP rings and is one of the leading poker players.

Despite his great success in the 80s and 90s, Johnny Chan is known for having an unusual charm – the orange. Many players take a small toy or picture of them and place it on top of their stack of chips these days. It’s all superstitious and looks cool!

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